Yes, my name is Merrie Jane... I was born on June 9... which is 6 9... whammy.

I am the youngest child of so many that my Mom got tired of naming children and let my Dad file the papers. He carpe diem-ed and came back with Merrie Jane - an artistic license to Mary Jane. Since my Mom thinks that Frankie Valli and bloomers are relevant, she had no idea that 'Mary Jane' had any cannibas connotation.

When I was sixteen, I was driving with my Mom, Bonbon Brackin, and Tom Petty’s ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane’ came on the radio. I wittingly asked her what the song meant to which she replied, 'It's a lovely song about a girl named Mary Jane and her last dance at the Sadie Hawkins social!” Menacingly, I disclosed its true meaning ;) Bon Bon swiftly slammed the breaks, turned the car around, sped up the driveway and shouted to my father, “Phil! Phil, did you know that Mary Jane is a codename for Marijuana!?” As a sneaky smile swept across my Father's face, he pointed and guffawed for all the world to hear! I finally understood the true meaning of comedy..

My father is the greatest comedian the world has ever known. His legacy: the sixteen year punchline. 

These days, I am no longer sixteen years old, I live in LA and have a three-legged dog named Norm! (so "everyboooody knows his naa-aa-aame!") I am married to a very funny Canadian, and no longer wear the brown lipstick accented by browner lipliner that is so en vogue in my hometown of Phillly.

I also have street cred with my MFA in Acting from Columbia University, and currently study in LA with Lesly Kahn!

Here is my dog, Norman. He is currently seeking representation and a marrow-filled bone.

(Click on his pic to see more pics!)