Yes, my name is Merrie Jane... I was born on June 9... which is 6 9... whammy.

I am the youngest child of so many that my Mom got tired of naming children and let my Dad file the papers. He carpe diem-ed and came back with Merrie Jane - an artistic license to Mary Jane. Since my Mom thinks that Frankie Valli and bloomers are relevant, she had no idea that 'Mary Jane' had any cannabis connotation.

When I was sixteen, I was driving with my Mom, Bonbon Brackin, and Tom Petty’s ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane’ came on the radio. I wittingly asked her what the song meant to which she replied, 'It's a lovely song about a girl named Mary Jane and her last dance at the Sadie Hawkins social!” Menacingly, I disclosed its true meaning ;) Bon Bon swiftly slammed the breaks, turned the car around, sped up the driveway and shouted to my father, “Phil! Phil, did you know that Mary Jane is a codename for Marijuana!?” As a sneaky smile swept across my Father's face, he pointed and guffawed for all the world to hear! I finally understood the true meaning of comedy..

My father is the greatest comedian the world has ever known. His legacy: the sixteen year punchline. 

These days, I am no longer sixteen years old, I live in LA and have a three-legged dog named Norm! I am married to a very funny Canadian, have a cutie kiddo, and no longer wear the brown lipstick accented by browner lipliner that is so en vogue in my hometown of Phillly.

I also have street cred with my MFA in Acting from Columbia University.

Here is a cast Shot from viral music video: “I’m Not Equipped To Be A Father.” Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip), Chris Redd (SNL), Nico Raineau (Project Green Light), Avery Pearson (Suits), Me!, and my baby Cole Walker Pearson (Nepotism).